Cunt confidence

When I was a girl, my genitals looked the same as any other girls my age. No hair, a slight mound, and only the outer labia (labia ‘majora’) were visible. A slit.

I don’t actually remember how it looked, but it must have looked like everyone else’s. I would have been self conscious much earlier on if that hadn’t have been the case. Kids are mean.

I started puberty very early. I needed a training bra by second grade (6 years old) and I got my period in fourth grade (8 years old). I remember my family doctor suggesting to my Mother a pill that I could take that would slow down the opening of my pituitary gland so my peers could “catch up with me.”

I didn’t end up on any medication that interfered with my growth, thankfully. My Mother and I don’t agree on many things, but we did agree then to let ‘nature take it’s course’.

I can’t pin point when my inner labia became more prominent, but I can remember feeling very confused about it. According to my Health teachers and textbooks in Elementary School, High School and even College, I was told the inner labia are called ‘labia minora’ and are smaller than the larger, outer, ‘labia majora’.

I grew up in the 90’s and I started watching pornography regularly around the age of 12 years old, around the time Pamela Anderson’s sex tape leaked. I remember watching it (with friends) and thinking mine doesn’t look like that, at all. In fact, at that age I had yet to see any kind of pornographic film or image where a woman’s pussy did look like mine.

By the age of 14 I had become sexually active and I still felt like my pussy looked different than anyone else’s. In High School everybody is insecure so it’s not like I got to compare and contrast with other girls in the change rooms. Some girls even changed in the bathroom stalls, usually the prettiest ones.

In eleventh grade one of the hottest girls in school sat beside me in Art class and for some reason, shared with me that she had just got her clit pierced. I asked her if the piercing went through it, or if it was just a hood piercing, probably just so we could keep talking about her pussy. She started to draw me a picture- of a slit- and then drew in the barbell. I drew my own version of a pussy with a clit piercing and she just laughed at how it looked.

High School was a very confusing time for me.

Despite developing early and being sexually active from the age of 14, and despite my background in Biology and Kinesiology, it has taken me until my 20’s to realize that there is nothing abnormal about my voluptuous pussy lips. It took exposure from working in a giant sex shop for a year and seeing pornography with Belladonna in it to finally see a pussy that looked  similar to mine. I’ve also come across some pretty good books.


Me and my not so 'minora'









5 thoughts on “Cunt confidence

  1. nigel says:

    I am just overwhelmed u have a very sexy puss ,u remind me of school when all I could think of is pussy ,my pants is ripping just looking at that pink pussy.

  2. thickdicktosuck says:

    Wow I am so turned on by your blogs and your pics are amazing. Does your daddy share you with other guys? Do you do orgys or group stuff? If so I would love to meet you some time in person ;).

  3. I think your pussy looks beautiful, rather neat actually but with luscious flowering petals.

    Thank you so much for joining in with the Pussy Pride Project on my blog and leaving you link but could you possible put the Pussy Pride Badge on your post. One of the aims of the project is to create a resource for people, and to grow the ‘voice’ of the pussy pride community but extending the project, hence the badge.

    If you need help with getting the badge to work please do let me know


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